04 June 2012

Day 1: 6.4.12

Alarm rings at 5:15; out of bed at 5:20.

Cup of coffee, english muffin with peanut butter.

Office of Readings, Monday of the Ninth Week of Ordinary Time.  Great lesson from Saint Dorotheus regarding contemplation and correction.

Now, cleaning myself up with enough time to get to pray morning prayer before the 6:45 parish mass.  Mile and a half contemplative walk down the hill to the hospital.  Orientation begins, 8 am, room 111.

Using my lunch hour (I hope) to find the chapel and pray mid-day prayer.  (Thanks, Brother Charles for the book to "lighten the clerics book bag."

Back here in time for dinner with the brothers.  Afterwards, praying evening prayer with another late arriving brother.

Hopefully out for a walk.  A bit of reading (another back copy of the Atlantic, perhaps?).

Latin translation for the day:

Secundum Marcum 1:1-5
[1] initium evangelii Iesu Christi Filii Dei [2] sicut scriptum est in Esaia propheta ecce mitto angelum meum ante faciem tuam qui praeparabit viam tuam [3] vox clamantis in deserto parate viam Domini rectas facite semitas eius [4] fuit Iohannes in deserto baptizans et praedicans baptismum paenitentiae in remissionem peccatorum [5] et egrediebatur ad illum omnis Iudaeae regio et Hierosolymitae universi et baptizabantur ab illo in Iordane flumine confitentes peccata sua.

And I'm off!

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