04 June 2012

A Good Day

Hospital orientation today.  All finished.  Meetings and introduction with the pastoral care folks tomorrow.  Full steam ahead.  As someone said leaving today, "Just ten point eight weeks to go!"


Thinking that I may switch to being a morning runner.  Figure that if I can make it out of bed by 5:30 each day, it gives me a half-hour to forty minutes for a run and time to clean up before 6:45 am mass.  The lag between mass and morning prayer with the parish (8:00 am) is time for breakfast, email and the office of readings.

The time running is great quiet time for someone of my ilk.  I have given up listening to music while running -- my head does not need any more ambient noise roiling through it.

Hopefully the walk down the hill to the hospital (I timed it at 25 minutes, give or take) will provide me with the time needed to offer a rosary each morning.  All too often, I forget about Mary: just another one of my shortcomings in an effort to be a true son of Francis.


And now, I won't lie: a glass of wine and Latin translations.

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