05 August 2012

Back. For Real.

As you may or may not have noticed, this is the first post here in nearly a month.

My stint at Saint John's Riverside has taken a lot more of my time than I otherwise would have expected: patient visit reports, reflections, evaluations and the like took over my life through the month of July.  Moreover, the intense mental energy required of me plain made me unable to do much other than take long walks and read when the day was done.  I am now, however, into my last week of the program.  I hope to begin posting here again regularly.  


On July 31, I celebrated two years of vowed life with the friars.  I never could have expected my time to go so quickly.  What's more, I was reminded of an old maxim among the friars: the reasons you come are never the reasons for which you stay.  Isn't that the truth.

More as ever, to come.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it. I've checked in several times; I suspected that the hospital duty was taking up a lot of time. I'm sure it was exhausting in many ways. Nice to see you back.

Chris J