04 October 2012

A Series of Theses about Francis and Being a Christian

My nine theses to be used when talking with the K - 6 students tomorrow:

1) I could never learn how to tie my shoes in kindergarten.  No matter how many times someone explained it to me, I couldn’t quite get it right.

2) What do you think the hardest thing you’ve ever done is?

3) I think being a Christian is at the top of my list.

4) Think about it: how many times is it easier to not be a Christian?

5) One of the ways we may find encouragement is by looking after role models. 

6) The saints are role models: not because they are perfect, but because they always kept attempting to figure out what it meant to be Christian, no matter how hard it would was.

7) Francis is an example:
            7a) He wanted to be a solider: he failed.
            7b) He wanted to be a salesman: he failed.
            7c) He wanted to be a bricklayer, fixing churches, he failed at that too.

8) But all the while, Francis kept on looking at the Cross.  He kept thinking to himself: Jesus, you’re the one I want to look like, you’re the way I want to love, you’re the way I want to treat others, you’re the way I want to talk to God.

9) So we can look the example of Jesus – in our own lives.  And then one day, we too may be saints.

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