25 October 2012

A Story of Discernment

The roughest of all rough drafts for a talk I'm giving at a Discernment Weekend in November.

A Story on Vocation in Three Parts:

First an aside: my story is my story, it is idiosyncratic, my feeling of the Gospel flowing through my veins.  I find myself enigmatic because I didn’t have a massive conversion.  Instead, the Lord wore me down.

But: Jeremiah: I knew you in the womb.

Two images:
1.      Augustine – polish your cup
2.      Bernard – mortar and pestle

1.      The Pearl of Great Price
a.       Matthew 13:45-46
b.      The realization that this is what the Lord wants you to do. 
c.       Unbelievable happiness. 
d.      The strength to continue when everything has gone wrong –
                                                  i.      missing family, friends, girlfriends, etc.
                                                ii.      friars makin' you crazy
                                              iii.      do not be fooled or sold a bill of goods: you are a sinner and the brothers around you are no different.
e.       My story: lawyer, relationships, Capuchin.
2.      And the Lord gave me brothers…
a.       Didn’t tell me what to do with them.
b.      But he did tell me to live a Gospel life.
c.       Passionately in love with the Gospel – not with the friars, not even with the people of God.  They will let you down.  The Gospel, however, will not let you down. 
d.      Need to live in the shadow of the scripture – it is the center of Capuchin life.
e.       My story: looking around at examples
3.      Daring Adventure of Love
a.       A word on ministry – pouring yourself out like a libation (cf. 2 Tim 4:6)
b.      Be a martyr – of charity, or of blood
c.       It is exciting: if this excites you, this is a sign:
                                                  i.      not the excitement of having fun, but the excitement of adventure

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