04 October 2012

After a Month

The great difficulty in writing a "blog" is, in the very first place, finding items about which to write.  The second, and perhaps more pressing challenge, is finding the time to do so.  This summer found me devoid of the first category (I couldn't very well write about the patients I saw); and the first month of the school year, the second.

I considered discontinuing writing and deleting New Sandals; I also considered leaving this up here as a memorial to a project that I began before I entered postulancy and let fall by the wayside during my third year of simple vows.  These options, however, left me cold.  Part of blogging is being confident (or conceited) enough to believe that you possess a message that is original and worthwhile enough for other people to want to read.  And, heck, for some reason, I still think what I've done here meets both of those qualifications.  I hope  you enjoy the new layout -- the blog roll has changed a bit and I've gotten rid of the old sandals.  Some of you may not like the new picture.  But, I ask you: is the capuchin trying to get out, or are you trying to keep it in?  Or, perhaps, is he upset because you're the one stuck?

In other words, look for increased posting in the future.  Theological study causes my mind to work nearly every waking minute -- I will attempt to include some of the more cogent thoughts here.  At the same time, I'll try to link to other worthwhile religious (or baseball) (or even political) material from time to time.  One Caupchin blogger once wrote that he started his blog as a "warm-up" each morning before he tackled the next page of his thesis.  Maybe I can use these pages in the same way.  This passing comment, dear reader, calls for an explanation.

I'm currently in my third year of M.Div studies, aiming to complete the majority of course work by the end of this academic year.  With the encouragement of my superiors, in concert with what I've discerned to be the Holy Spirit's workings, I'll hope to be pursuing a Licentiate in Sacred Theology next year (the application has been submitted).  The exact topic of study is still to be determined: in fact, I hope to use some of my posts to work out my thoughts about this.  At the moment, I believe that my work will largely focus on contemporary systematic theology, and, more specifically, fundamental theology (the theology of how God communicates with his people).  I figure that if I can make my thoughts intelligible in a blog post, I can also do so for a thesis director.

And so, until the next post -- tomorrow AM, perhaps, thanks for reading.


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Brother Charles said...

I dig the new picture.