05 October 2012

"Mostly Holy"

This morning I offered the reflection at the South Boston Catholic Academy Mass.  The entire school was there, along with some parents and the normal 9 am mass crowd at Gate of Heaven.

The gist of my reflections can be found in the previous post -- those were my theses.

Part of the fun of these opportunities is that the kids love being asked questions; and, their answers very typically cut to the heart of the matter.

And so, I asked the great crowd about the saints today.  After explaining to the students what Saints Peter and Paul did't get quite so correct (running away in the courtyard and persecuting the early Church), I asked why they still merited statues behind the altar.

A second-grader raised her hand.  "'Cause he was mostly holy," said she.

Someday, I pray that I'll be mostly holy.

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