18 October 2012

Revised Theses on Franciscan Discernment

  1. The Wandering: what's happening in my life isn't working for whatever reason -- there is a pull, the hand of  God pointing me in something more.
  2. The Leper: I've found something for which I'm looking -- some type of encounter, prayer and/or ministry, has grabbed my heart and won't let go.
  3. Playing in Churches: I need to do something -- I don't know what, so let me start actually doing something.
  4. All of a sudden: brothers and sisters.  Build churches long enough and I'll eventually find myself involved in religious life -- do not be afraid of this. The jump is a long way down -- but never underestimate the gravity-defying power of grace. 
  5. Up to now, I've done nothing: reaching religious life is just a reminder of all the things I haven't yet done.  Say your prayers, work hard, go to sleep.  Repeat.

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