14 November 2012

A New Breviary Cometh

(possibly in time for my 25th Jubilee!)

Courtesy of Daria Sockey on "Coffee and Canticles":

In three to five years, we should have a new breviary in the USA. Maybe. 
Today our Bishops voted to go forward with the work of editing, amending, and in some cases re-translating the elements of the Liturgy of the Hours. This vote was a preliminary approval for the work to be done. Once a draft is complete–and no timelime was given for that–the bishops will again review, discuss, and debate before voting on whether to send it to Rome for approval.  Then, once the bishops have approved and Rome has approved, there will be the process of getting it published. 
Read the rest here. 

My opinions, unsolicited:

  • Drop the psalm-prayers
  • Re-translate some of the very balky Patristic readings in the Office of Readings.
  • Banish "Morning Has Broken" from the hymn choices forever and ever, Amen.
For another take, check out my blogging former-neighbor here.

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