18 November 2012

Cardinal Sean Chats with Readers

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I found this answer particularly insightful:

Comment From Don  
With the shuttering of parishes several years ago, and now this restructing, along with all of the negative press that the Catholic religion is under, how do you stay positive? How can we stay positive? The Church seems to be under greater attack now than it ever has...

Cardinal Sean O'Malley: 
Don, this is the Year of Faith in our Catholic Church. We want to reflect on this great gift that has allowed us to discover in Christ our Savior and the response to our deepest human needs. There are many challenges to a life of discipleship but there is great joy in knowing that we are not orphans, we are God's children and part of Christ's family, the Church. Jesus never promised that it would be easy, but he promised that he would always be with us. 

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