05 November 2012

From the Minister General

The General Minister was asked: What is the message of  the Synod and what does it mean for our Order?
Among the propositions formulated at the Synod there was also one on religious life, an
invitation to religious to live their proper charism through and through, to live first for God,
to live the fraternal life. There was also a strong and beautiful invitation to go to the borders:
those that are geographical, namely the missions, to the cultural borders, and to the borders
where people are far from the Church. It is thus an invitation to rouse ourselves and not
think to simply continue doing as we always have, but to ask ourselves what God wills for
us in this particular moment, what the Church wants of  us. In this sense, for us the Synod
is a strong reminder that we must take seriously. The Synod should be seen in the perspective
of  the Year of  Faith. On the first day, it was beautiful when the Pope, in an impromptu reflection on evangelization, said that it is above all something of God. If  God does not evangelize…the builders of  the house labor in vain. For this reason the Pope said that we begin all of  our actions with prayer, because we know that this is not “our” work; the work is God’s, a work that goes out from the Father, from the Trinity. We are his collaborators, called to live within his action. The hope that I have for the brothers at the beginning of  this Year of  Faith is to realize that the center of  our life is neither things nor works, as important as these are.  I said to the Synod, in so many words: life changes because you meet a person who makes you discover a whole new dimension. One marries a person – one doesn’t marry money, one doesn’t marry things. Thus, one chooses the religious life because of  Jesus Christ. Therefore I pray the brothers discover Him anew, to deepen this relationship.
 Br Mauro Jöhri, General Minister
as translated by BICI

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