16 January 2013

A Gift from the Office

He brought me forth into freedom,
he saved me because he loved me.
Psalm 18, Office of Readings, Wednesday, Week I

Every once in a while, I find myself underlining something in my breviary -- a line from the psalms that catches my eye at the time.  Of course, since we use the four-volume set (como Dios manda), some lines noted in one volume are not in another.  And thus today I found the above verse from Psalm 18 underlined. Since I only find these lines underlined (at most) once every four weeks, I can never quite piece together why I found a particular part of scripture especially alluring.  

Yet, reflecting upon it now, I can't help but note the precise reason that God would bring me forth into freedom, why God would save me, why God would love me.  And that reason is, quite simply, that God created me.  I am a creation of God.  How's that for a simple (and loaded) theological assertion?

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