28 January 2013

Now is the Time

I'm in the study bubble at the STM at the moment, waiting for one of the brothers to be finished with class so that we can navigate snow at rush hour in Boston together (but that is, of course, another story).

A professor of mine stopped in to chat for a minute -- check in about the progress of my semester and to make sure that I had done the reading for his class.  Our brief conversation allowed me to reflect upon the class he is teaching (The Apostle Paul) and its congruence with my own academic and spiritual formation at the moment.  I remarked to him that after five years of listening to Paul's letters at mass, reflecting upon the brief pieces of the Pauline corpus gifted to us in the Office, I believe myself to be finally getting a handle on what Paul may be trying to do.  I offer no claim on Paul other than to say I may in the Churchillian "end of the beginning" stage.

If I had attempted to take a class on Paul's writings several years ago, it would have been wasted upon me.  But now, now I just may be ready to not completely squander the opportunity.

I think that's grace.

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