05 January 2013


Beginning tomorrow morning, I will be on retreat at St. Anselm's Abbey in New Hampshire.  This will be my "final vows" retreat.  I'm bringing several Franciscan and Capuchin documents with me, as well as JC Murray's The Problem of God and Christoph Cardinal Schonborn's God Sent His Son: A Contemporary Christology.

My plan is to pray the hours with the monks.  I will use the morning to pray with Franciscan themes and the afternoon to reflect upon the aforementioned Murray and Schonborn.

I will return next Saturday.

I imagine that I won't be posting here until then.

In the meantime, know of my prayers for you all.



blogmeister said...

Prayers for a grace-filled time.

Adelbert Enriquez said...

Good luck to your retreat!

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