30 January 2013

You're Doing It Wrong

As some readers may have noticed, I am back on Facebook.  As I explained at the prompting of one of the brothers this morning, it seems that digital media is where both the Church, broadly, and Capuchins, specifically, should be.  Moreover, when writing for this blog (as well as putting together presentations on other topics), I've found that knowing people are reading or listening compels me to exert more effort on developing a precision of language and thought that I find (neither arrogantly nor misplaced, I hope) sadly missing from most theological discourse.

What's more, I think there is a troubling diagnosticism that has crept into much of our theological conversation.  By this, I mean that "theological thinkers" are more than willing to poke holes, throw stones and cast aspersions at one position or another, explaining much to their own satisfaction why this or that position is wrong.  Yet, isn't theology supposed to be constructive, in that it exposits and explains God in light of our current situation?  Or, going even further, isn't it irresponsible to speak about the problems in theology without attempting to either a) explain problems to be surmounted in making a change or undertaking a shift; or b) proposing something new, which takes into account problems.

To diagnostical theology, I give them Charles Schultz:


Megan said...

Call me a monkey's uncle! Didn't think you'd come back! It's an endeavor-and if social media can impact an election even a little, you know it can serve as a great outlet for theological thought. All the best xox

Matt Janeczko said...

Thanks for your encouragement!