05 February 2013

(A) State of Grace

On Tuesdays, I somehow manage to arrive at the STM at 9:45 and stay in class from 10:00 am through 9:00 pm, with hour-long breaks for lunch and dinner.

They are long days, for sure, but I'm elbow-deep in what I love doing, the love of learning and the desire for God, so it isn't too onerous.

During Theological Anthropology, I had the opportunity to articulate the classic view of "the good," as well as why some certain thing, working as it should, would be "good," as opposed to something not working, which would be "bad."

After Theological Anthropology finished up, I walked over to the convenience store adjacent to campus  and picked up a Cadbury Egg (glorious), cottage cheese (functional) and a peanut butter and chocolate Kashi bar (nearly inedible).  

I sat on a chair in the hallway at the STM, paged through an online copy of the Vulgate, trying to make sense of Galatians 1 in Latin. Done with my food, I moved over to the Chapel to pray evening prayer in the chapel.  

Now I'm sitting in class.

And I know it's grace all the way down, because I'm tired and couldn't be happier.

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