13 February 2013

Ash Wednesday Reflections - The Good Word

This morning, I'll be providing a reflection for the students of South Boston Catholic Academy at their Ash Wednesday mass.  What follows is my outline, slightly modified for verbal coherence.

I got to thinking about my grandmother just recently, as I sometimes do, just because sometimes we think about people we miss, people that we love.  My grandmother always took me to Church and taught me how to pray. As I got to thinking about Lent, however, for some reason I thought about her house.  You see, she had a magnet on her refrigerator what said “TUIT” – which was a reminder about the risk of putting things off – "I’ll get TUIT."  

In the second reading from Saint Paul today, we heard the words "Now is the acceptable time: now is the day of salvation."  

What does this mean?  

I think Saint Paul was trying to tell us that today is the most important day.  And everyday after this one is important too.  Lent is about finally getting over that magnet that hung on my grandma's fridge: TUIT – if we want to get to know Jesus, we don't need to wait another minute: we can do it right now. 

Today is better than any other day to make a change.  Maybe if this Lent we’ve been thinking for a while that we …

 ...  wanted to pray everyday
·     .....  try to listen to our Mom and Dad the first time..
 .... get our homework done....

     Now is the time.

But more than any of this, the real challenge is to get to know Jesus

When Saint Paul says now is the day, he is talking about God and me; God and you.  If we want to be happy this Lent, and for the rest of our days, we have a challenge that begins today:

Our challenge for Lent is that whenever we think about Lent, maybe about what we've given up, we  use that moment to think about Jesus, get to know Jesus, to tell Jesus that I won't get TUIT, but that I'll get to you, Jesus, today.



Anonymous said...

Nice post; working in Grandma's magnet was a nice touch. I had a slightly different interpretation of that magnet as it was round with TUIT inside of it, I took it to mean "around to it". I also recall, and I know you do as well, she had the "Kitchina Polska" magnet on here. When I was little I asked what that meant. She said: "The kitchen is closed". I believed her, of course!

chris j.

Matt Janeczko said...

Love that!