02 February 2013

+Bernadin on (His) Death

As you are aware, I now face a very different horizon.  In human terms, I have been advised my life span is now quite limited.  This fact does not change any of the moral of social analysis which I have used in this address.  But it does shape one perspective decisively.  I have already said that, as a person of faith -- of resurrection faith -- I see death as a friend not a foe, and the experience of death is, I am convinced, a transition from life to life -- from grace to glory, as St. Augustine said.

"The Catholic Moral Vision in the United States,"
Georgetown University, September 9, 1996
Joseph Cardinal Bernadin

published in A Moral Vision for America,
John Langan, ed., Georgetown University Press 

If I could ever be so blessed to assent to these words.

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