27 February 2013

@Fivethirtyeight on Christie and the Garden State

From Nate Silver:
In September 2011, when Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey was considering making a last-minute entry into the presidential race, I pointed out an incongruity in Republican attitudes toward him. Many Republican organizations and activists, including some very conservative ones, were enthusiastic about the possibility that Mr. Christie might enter the presidential race. But Mr. Christie’s history of actions and issue statementswas fairly moderate. 
Roughly 18 months later, the attitude toward Mr. Christie has changed. Mr. Christie has not been invited to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, which will gather next month. Mr. Christie’s failure to be invited is not a mere oversight; virtually every other prominent Republican who might be a plausible nominee in 2016 has been asked to participate.
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Anonymous said...

The Republican Party is like the Puppy Who Lost His Way (Billy Madison reference). It's almost as if they want to lose nationally. No that Christie has done much of substance.

Chris J.