21 February 2013

Ten Thesis on Doing Theology (Or, How to Survive Graduate Studies)

  1. Do form criticism on the arguments of anyone attempting to sell you something, theological, philosophical or otherwise.
  2. Never forget that the "hermeneutic of suspicion" must be applied with equal rigor upon the theses of those who present it as their own manner of proceeding (and perhaps even more so).
  3. Many items of theological consequence took place after the death of Saint Paul and before the birth of Karl Rahner; some, if not many, may be relevant.
  4. Even if the viewpoint being presented does not believe in classic conceptions of metaphysics, this viewpoint must take account of them.
  5. Just because God is a mystery does not mean we can say anything we want about God.
  6. Anecdotes are data points; five anecdotes remain a small sample size.
  7. When describing what one believes to be the "Spirit of Vatican II" use footnotes; in fact, for any argument: use footnotes.  
  8. "The Church says" is a starting point, not an ending point.
  9. Thomas Aquinas isn't God; Jesus Christ is.  Question those who disagree with the former; pray for those who Christians who disbelieve the latter.
  10. Historical consciousness is here to stay; this is a good thing.

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