11 February 2013

The Pope Resigns

First, his statement (h/t Rocco).

And my reaction:

I recall during my junior year, Benedict XVI, then Joseph Ratzinger, was elected pope.  I was in Magner hall at the time, heard via instant message (yes, they were in then), that there was white smoke.

I turned on the television and heard the announcement.  I jumped up and cheered: we had a real conservative!  My neighbor screamed in horror: we had a real conservative!

How wrong we both were.

Say whatever you want about this Pope, and there will be many who say many things, but I do know three things:

  1. He radically defied expectations of both the left and right.  He infuriated those on the liturgical left; he royally infuriated those on the economic right.
  2. His encyclicals were imminently readable.  
  3. I cried when I saw him in Washington, DC -- this man, in person, was not the Panzer Pope, he was a gentle man, who seemed as if he really wanted to be holy.
More, as ever, to come....

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