26 February 2013

USCCB Joins Christian Leaders on Sequestration Statement

WASHINGTON—Nearly 100 national Christian leaders released a letter February 25, to President Obama and the leaders of Congress "affirming the government's responsibility concerning poor people."The letter further stated "Assuring government's obligation to advance the common good, ensure fairness, and defend the most vulnerable is good religion and good politics."The letter was sent on behalf of the ecumenical "Circle of Protection" coalition. 
"We appreciate that President Obama has kept his promise to the Circle of Protection to protect the poor, and that Republicans and Democrats agreed to shield many core programs benefiting people living in or near poverty from the sequestration cuts," wrote the leaders. "The focus of our nation's budget negotiations should not be about which politicians win or lose, but about whether our budget decisions reflect our values. We will ask our churches to pray as you continue to work together on the budget."

Read the rest here.  (H/t to Kevin Ahern who teaches me here and blogs here.


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Anonymous said...

I like it. In my (humble)opinion, it seems to me that too often people mistake the Church's right-leaning stance on social issues as a similar stance on economic issue. While there may be room for debate, and I'm not saying the Church endorses socialism, but it is certainly not on the side of the Tea Party. I will go off on small tangent here, but it steams my clams when the ultra-wealthy complain about a 4% increase in income tax during a time when the country needs some help. Just look at what the top tax bracketduring the 1940s and decades afterward. I am no saying it should be like that, but let's have a little historical perspective. Sorry for the rant and excuse the inevitable grammatical errors.

Chris J