13 March 2013

Another Matt's Take on Pope Francis

Interesting analogous look from Matt Rooney over at the Save Jersey blog here.

Matt is a former college roommate of mine and a dear friend.  While we don't always see eye to eye on politics, there are few greater friends or clearer thinkers out there.  In other words: we don't always agree, but when Matt and I argue, there is no better entertainment.

There’s little doubt that the newly-elected Pope Francis I is a conservative like the rest of the College of Cardinals of which he is an alumnus, Save Jerseyans.
The man who used to be called Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio also known a “compassionate conservative” and a straight-shooter. I thought this block quote from the former cardinal in today’s Washington Timespurportedly from a speech delivered back in his home archdiocese of Buenos Aires, was very revealing

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