20 March 2013

Carl Hubbell Days (11) And a Story

First, the man himself:

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And a story, about whose truth I do not know.

My paternal grandfather was a New York (Baseball) Giants fan.  Loved Hubbell, loved Mel Ott.

He always used to talk about Hubbell because Carl was a lefty who threw the screwball, and my grandfather was a lefty.  And Grandpa would say things, all the time like this: "Carl Hubbell was a lefty like me and threw the screwball.  I pitched some when we played in vocational school.  And basketball too.  They should raise the hoops to twelve feet, bring the skill back."

He'd say this and all sorts of wonderful things that Grandfathers say, you know?

This reminds me of another great story, and I can't figure out if it's true or not:

At one point, he was watching Babe Ruth play at (possibly) the Polo Grounds (but that doesn't make sense, does it?), and the Babe hit a home run.  The crowd had been razzing him severely, so as he's coming around third, he puts his thumb up to his nose, extends his fingers and razzes everybody.

My grandfather told the story at least five times.

And if it isn't true, then it should be.


Matt Robinson said...

According to Baseball-Reference, Ruth hit 85 home runs at the Polo Grounds. I hereby declare the story to be 100% accurate because, as you said, it should be.

Anonymous said...

Wow, even before I read your story, I was going to post about Grandpa talking about Carl Hubble. I also recall the story about Babe Ruth; he did indeed tell it exactly as you have it here. I have in turn told others about that story as I think it is cool to be related to someone who saw Ruth play.

Chris J