26 March 2013

+Chaput on Francis and Francis via First Things

Via the "First Thoughts" blog, an interview between +Chaput, OFM Cap. with La Stampa's Vatican Insider.

The money question/response:
Why did Bergoglio choose the name Francis? Was it because St. Francis rebuilt the Church of Jesus? Does this mean that the Curia acknowledges that the Church needs to be rebuilt in some way?  
“"Repair my house" were the words Jesus addressed to St. Francis from the cross of St. Damian. The issues of reform, renewal and repair: All of these things probably figured into the new Pope's choice of a name. I'm a Capuchin Franciscan myself, and I think many people have a mistaken image of Francis of Assisi in their heads as a kind of flower child or 13th century hippie. The real man wasn't anything like that. He was certainly "counter-cultural" - but only in his radical poverty; his radical obedience to the Church; and his radical insistence on living the Gospel fully, including all of its uncomfortable demands. That's the kind of purity that leads to a genuine rebuilding of Church life. One other thing: The most important quality about St. Francis was his commitment to "fraternity," being a brother. Pope Francis is already showing that in relation to the cardinals - riding the bus with them is just one small example - and asking the people to pray for him.”

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