27 March 2013

Globe on the Lost Girls of Sudan

Amid all the hullabaloo of national news, a truly tragic story:

ON SUNDAY, “60 Minutes’’ is scheduled to air the story of The Lost Boys of Sudan, the thousands of South Sudanese orphaned children whose 1,000-mile trek through East Africa shone a spotlight on the genocidal brutality of the North Sudanese regime more than two decades ago. 
In 2001, the TV news show followed the lost boys as they embarked from Africa to new lives in the United States. Now it is following up with a two-part special: The Lost Boys Ten Years Later. 
The great unanswered question is: Where in all this are Sudan’s lost girls?“The lost boys” was a name bestowed on the children who fled from their destroyed villages, but it didn’t capture the scope of that panicked flight. Included in the exodus to Ethiopia and finally to Kenya were adults, families, and a large number of orphaned girls who, along with the boys, survived starvation, disease, animal predation, and bombing attacks. The boys built their own dwellings and lived communally. But this wasn’t a culturally acceptable arrangement for the girls, who instead were placed with families from their home districts — sometimes relatives, sometimes not.

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