12 March 2013

My Prayer(s) for the Conclave

I don't have class until 10:00 am on Tuesday mornings and our vehicle in the car pool does not leave until 9:15.  As a result, I get the chance to get out for a run between mass and leaving for school.

I got out for a good five miles today, listened to the new Josh Ritter album (again; it is excellent) and thought about the conclave.

As a run, I often find myself moving more deeply into prayer as the miles roll past.  This morning, I prayed two prayers: the first is for my brother, Sean Cardinal O'Malley.  I prayed for him, that the Lord does with him whatever He wishes.  Since +Sean is one of the best friars I've ever met, I know that he is prepared to follow the Lord wherever He asks.  Would that I could be like my brother!  I asked Francis' intercession for him, along with Bonaventure, Bernardine of Asti and Felix of Cantalice (the latter two being the first two Capuchin blessed and saint, respectively).  

My second prayer, however, moved even more profoundly: I didn't pray for the Cardinals who are voting.  No, I prayed instead with what Benedict may have called the prayer of tears, for the man who is to have his entire world changed in a permanent, undeniable way in a day, two days, a week or whatever.  

He, the unknown Cardinal, the one to be called to be the Servant of the Servants of God, is the one who most needs our prayers at this very moment.

God love him and save him.

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