03 March 2013

Proud of My Brother (+O'Malley)

Great interview with John Allen of NCR.  Read it all here.

Money quotes:

You’ve talked about global vision and governance. What does that suggest in terms of the qualities you’re looking for in the next pope? 
He certainly has to have a good work ethic. Obviously, it’s going to take someone with great interior strength to be able to cope with these issues. I would hope that he would be a great teacher and theologian, like Benedict and John Paul II, because that’s been a great gift for us. There’s also the ability to communicate the beauty of the gospel message. 
You have to be aware that there has been talk about you as a candidate. How do you react to that?It seems kind of surreal. I guess I don’t pay that much attention to it. I realize that it’s out there, but I’m a very dark horse. As I told the people in Boston, I bought a round-trip ticket, and I think I’ll need it. 
You’re able to laugh it off?If I think about it, it’s very scary. Because I think the possibility is so remote, it’s not something that I worry about. Obviously, any cardinal going in could be elected. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a cardinal.
 I love the man, as a friar first and a bishop second.

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