26 March 2013

Sad Day in Boston (Community Health Edition)

"Rox Comp" is no more.  

(H/T to the best FNP I know.)

The story from the Globe's Adrian Walker:
It was just about a month ago that Pratt Wiley, a 36-year-old lawyer with a glittering résumé, was brought in to serve as interim CEO of the Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center. His job: Figure out how to salvage the temporarily closed clinic, a neighborhood landmark. 
Wiley worked doggedly to rebuild morale among a battered staff, and to accommodate skeptical federal and state regulators, in hopes of getting the center back on track. 
But Friday morning he found out just how tenuous everything — even his own status — was. He was fired, along with the entire staff (who had been told the week before they were “furloughed”). RoxComp, he was told, had surrendered all its licenses to operate. A primary caregiver for as many as 10,000 residents was no more.

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