14 March 2013

The Boston Globe Visited Jamaica Plain

The lede:

The friars sat in their chairs, clad in brown robes, eyes trained on the television. Was it possible? Could one of their own, a fellow Capuchin Franciscan, be about to step out on the balcony, to greet 1.2 billion Roman Catholics as the next pope? 
“It’s like being on the top of a roller coaster,” admitted Brother Matt Janeczko, so close to the edge of his chair that he nearly slid off. 
But no, it was not to be. Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, archbishop Boston and one of a handful considered a possible candidate to be pope, did not emerge from behind the curtain. But the man who did, a Jesuit from Argentina, greatly moved the Boston ­friars, especially his chosen name: Francis. 
“I’m blown away,” said Janeczko, gaping at images of the new pope in the television room at the San Lorenzo Friary in Jamaica Plain. “The only word I can think of is he looks like a fisherman. He looks like a man who will seek out the lost and the lonely. . . . In taking the name Francis, he will do it as a brother.”
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Are you sure that's not a picture of you watching the Mets ground into a 6-4-3?

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