11 March 2013

The Irony of Pope Coverage

Isn't there an irony that many of the folks who love to croon about subsidiarity (and its lack thereof) and how Rome controls this and Rome controls that are completely obsessed with the election of a new Pope?

Meanwhile, the great majority of the faithful continued about their business this weekend, worshiping God, celebrating the sacraments, offering retreats and catechism, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, the list could go on..

As much as I pray for a good holy man to be elected the next Pope, I think it serves us well to recall that Benedict's resignation teaches us that now, more than ever, the Pope is a man called by God to a specific vocation (a vocation within a vocation within a vocation within a vocation, if you will).  While his burdens will great and his responsibilities many, he is really no different than you or I, in that we are called to live good and holy lives, centered upon Christ, where we have, thanks to the Holy Spirit, been planted.

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