27 March 2013

Yes, But: Reflections on the Triduum

A partial reflection (the remaining to be given this evening) on entering into the Paschal Season:

Most typically, the Church moves through time slowly – yet in these past weeks, since the election of Pope Francis, it seems, at least for me that time has been moving very quickly.

Yet as we embark upon the sacred Triduum – Latin for “three days” – we are invited to slow down again, to consider what is exactly going on.

Very often our (my!) response to the Gospel is “yes, but…”

Love your neighbors.  Yes, but not the brother across from me in the chapel.

Forgive seventy times seven.  Yes, but not the Confirmation student who refuses to listen.

Blessed are the peacemakers.  Yes, but he really has this coming to him.

Blessed are the poor.  Yes, but it’s really better to have something.

Who among you will throw the first stone? Yes, but in this case, can’t we make an exception?

On and on the list could go.  Yes, but.

And during Holy Week, the Lord responds with his own “Yes, but…”

He is the master, supposed to be served.  Yes, but he washes feet…

He dies an accursed death on the cross.  Yes, but he makes the Cross becomes the seat of glory...

He is dead, left to the place of the accursed.  Yes, but he is the light of the world…

I recently wrote a short paper on grace, where I defined it as an expression of God’s inner life.  The professor circled it and said, “why inner?”  And he was exactly correct.  The Triduum is filled with grace – and not because it tells us what is going on inside God.  No, it tells us exactly what God does outside – what God does in the world.  God’s love is such that it needs to act, needs to express its own existence. 

Let us remember who Jesus was, is, and will be forever. 

And with that knowledge, we enter into the Triduum, ready to be witnesses again to how Christ has changed the world forever.

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