02 April 2013

Imbelli on Pope Francis

Fascinating observation (and criticism) from Father Robert Imbelli on the Commonweal Blog.

The lede:

There has been wide-spread enthusiasm for the new Pope, beginning with his surprising and possibly revolutionary choice of name. The simplicity of his style and the pastoral sensitivity of his homilies and actions have received much favorable comment. 
I have already posted, on this blog, excerpts from his homilies at the Chrism Mass and at the Easter Vigil, because I found them spiritually challenging and worthy of reflection. I also appreciate his emphasis on being Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Saint Peter, though he may come in time to appreciate more the implications and demands of being both. 
Moreover, if he prefers to live in the Casa Santa Marta rather than in the Vatican Palace and “walk to work” each day — more power to him!

Read the rest and consider.

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