03 April 2013

Mills on Patterson on GOP Economics

Since we're on the economic theme today, an interesting read from "First Thoughts," the blog connected with First Things.

Writes Mills:

Unlike baseball managers, writes Robert Patterson in the Washington Examiner, Republican leaders — “the same old roster of political consultants, think-tank policy wonks and losing-candidate types” — don’t get fired for failure. One reason they’ve failed to win elections, and he suggests will continue to fail, is their love of
one big liability: libertarian economics, which has been undermining the Republican brand with the party’s natural middle-class base for years. 
Indeed, the failure of Mitt Romney’s economic platform to resonate with an anxious electorate was no fluke. That message represents the heart and soul of a party that started sleeping with far-right libertarians in 1990.
Read the rest here.

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