03 April 2013

MSW Gives Kudos to Paul VI

Was Paul the VI a good manager? Yeah, he was!
Michael Sean Winters has an incisive piece up on the reform of the Roman Curia.  Of course, it caught my attention because he recognizes the wisdom of (Saint) Paul VI:
The key thing, it seems to me, that needs to change is the relationship between the “curia” and the “apartment.” The latter term refers to the rooms on the top floor of the Apostolic Palace, now still empty as Francis has chosen to live at the Domus Sanctae Marthae. But, the term “the apartment” refers, in reality, to the pope and his closest collaborators and what needs to change is the way they interact with the curia. I am all for obedience in the life of the Church, but the new pope must devise to encourage discussion and debate within the governance of the Church, instead of relying on some monsignor from the “apartment” simply saying, “Well, the Holy Father wants…” which may be the case but which is not an argument. In short, the place needs management, something it has not really had since Paul VI, indeed, I am told that some at the curia had hoped whomever was elected would take the name Paul as an indication of their commitment to governing. Paul knew how to make the place run, he knew whom to consult, he knew how to confront and deflate opposition, etc. I will go to my grave believing his was perhaps the most successful papacy of the 20th century, with Pius XI as a close runner-up.

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