09 April 2013

On Wedding Invitations and Final Profession

A dear friend of mine blurted out with excitement today: "Got your invitation in the mail [for solemn profession].  It's as exciting as a wedding invitation!"

Funny.  I hadn't thought of it that way.

Then again, as I turned this interaction over today in prayer, I realized that there is a lot of truth to what my friend said to me, most specifically in that the profession stands as analogous to a wedding in that it is meant to be a final and definitive commitment, made in front of the entire Church, for the purpose of the building up of the Church in the Holy Spirit.

Of course, all analogies fall apart if pushed far enough -- that is inherent in an analogy.  Nevertheless, I find my prayer, ever slowly shifting because of this apparently random interaction, moving to a request of the Lord's gift of joy in finding the Bride of Christ on my profession, for the peace of the Spirit in this definitive and final (yet only a beginning really) "yes" to the Lord.

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