23 May 2013

Christianity is Beautiful

The house is still quiet as two of the brothers here are on retreat (pray for them!), and the other two men in the house are busying themselves with the work of the Lord early in the morning.  As for me, I'm working on my first cup of coffee, which facilitated the beginning of a Corpus Christi homily and the completion of our summer altar server schedule.  I'm about to head to the chapel to pray the Office of Readings before morning prayer, but a summary of the Pope's comments yesterday caught my eye.

They were well worth taking the time to read:
But it [salt] gives us an added extra: it gives flavor! Christian originality is so beautiful, because when we want to make everything uniform - that we are all salted in the same way - then its like when a woman puts too much salt in and so you can only taste the salt and not the flavour of the meal. Christian Originality is this: each one of us is as we are, with the gifts the Lord has given us. "
And again:
"And this is how salt is conserved, so that it does not lose its flavor. Through worship of the Lord I transcend myself to the Lord and with the proclamation of the Gospel I go out of myself to share His message. But if we do not do this - these two things, these two transcendences to share His salt - the salt will remain in a bottle, and we Christians will become museum pieces. Can we see share this salt: this is my salt. But how beautiful it is! This is the salt that I have received in Baptism, this is what I received in Confirmation, this is what I received in catechesis ... But look: Christians who are museum pieces! A salt without flavor, a salt that is useless". 
Read it all here.  You'll be grateful.

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