19 May 2013

The Craft of the Homily and Ontology

I'm beginning to work out a homily for Corpus Christi, the first homily that I will give as an ordained person.  Of course, I've had other opportunities to preach -- reflections at the monthly school masses, preaching on behalf of the Capuchin missions at a parish in New Hampshire, and other talks and conferences in a variety of situations.  And yet, this homily seems different: probably because it is different.  

I know that it will be different, precisely because in my ordination I will be conformed, changed really, in order to better break open the Word of God.  Of course, just as any gift, ordination will require a good deal amount of work on my part (in reality, my whole self -- duh), but as I reflect upon what it will be like to preach as a deacon, I realize that with the added gift of the office of Sacred Orders, so too does the responsibility increase.

And so, on the great feast of Pentecost, "Come, Holy Spirit!"

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