12 August 2013

+Lynch: Difference Between Anti-Abortion and Pro-Life

I'll raise a glass to this:
I am convinced that many so called Pro-Life groups are not really pro-life but merely anti-abortion. We heard nothing from the heavy hitters in the prolife movement in the last week when Florida last night executed a man on death row for 34 years having been diagnosed as a severe schizophrenic. Which personality did the state execute? Many priests grow weary of continual calls to action for legislative support for abortion and contraception related issues but nothing for immigration reform, food aid, and capital punishment. And, this is a big one, priests don’t like unfair attacks on things they highly value and esteem, like the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Charities and Catholic Relief Services. 
Read the rest from Bishop Lynch here.

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Anonymous said...

I'd agree with that as well. I think too often those on the right especially try to claim Church teachings back up their politics, while going against some of the things mentioned in that blurb. When you look at all Church teaching, I think it is difficult to label it Democrat or Republican, but a mix of the two. Of course, this makes voting difficult.

Chris J