23 September 2013

Saved by Scripture Class

It is five minutes before the 10:30 mass yesterday and I realize two things:

  1. The religious education students (grades K - 3, with a smattering of fourth and fifth graders) are there.  And, 
  2. They're not going downstairs for the Children's Liturgy of the Word.
Oh and,

      3. My homily is going to be completely unintelligible to the student.  It is really an "adult homily" - or, at least, one for those who are a bit older than the current crowd.

And so, I fell back on two things: 1) how I prayed with the Scriptures this week, and, 2) the class I took at the STM covering the prophets (taught by the great Richard Clifford, SJ).

And thus, my 10:30 homily in short:

1) Amos was happy with his job as a fruit picker (or, more specifically, a dresser of sycamores): yet God called him to do something else - a hard job, telling people that what they were doing was wrong.  We may be called to do hard things to: when this happens, we can ask God for help.

2) Jesus tells us that the most important thing in our lives is God - even though there are lots of other good things in our lives.  If we want Jesus to be the most important thing in our lives, we need to talk to him every single day.

3) There is no better day to start talking to Jesus every day than today - so let's get to it!


Judy Kallmeyer said...

For to those who love God, all things work out to the good. (paraphrase of Romans 8:28) This surely worked out to the good for you. Praise God!

Rudy Lay said...

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