01 October 2013

The Homily Not Given

This was the homily that I meant to give today.  And it didn't happen.

The new homily (off the cuff) will be posted later.

Today's Readings.


All is grace.

Words of Therese of Lisieux, and the words of the dying, hapless, yet heroically devoted priest of Bernaros’ Diary of a Country Priest.

The common thread between these two characters: one real and one not, yet both in their “lives” seemingly completely and totally foreign to us in our lives as American Capuchins in Boston, is that these words were uttered in spite of – no, because of, their great suffering. 

To say that all is grace, all is imbued with God’s presence, is to make an incredible truth claim.  It suggests that there rather than God fitting into the world where we let Him, it is the world that fits into the love of God. 

And in light of this grammar of grace, God’s presence amidst suffering, we may be able to hear what is my favorite line in all the Gospels anew: “When the days for Jesus to be taken up were fulfilled, he resolutely determined to journey to Jerusalem…”

Luke is making an incisive theological statement here that Jesus makes the decision to embrace his final journey to Jerusalem with resolution and passion: having a general idea of the consequences of such a decision, if not the particulars.

Let us pray today that we have the courage to remain resolute in journeying toward the Heavenly Jerusalem, most especially at those moments when, in our sufferings, and along with the Country Priest and Therese, we are able to say that “all is grace.”

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